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Message from Mr Mills

Pathways Booklet

Core Subjects

Non Core Subjects

Dear Parents/ Carers,

It is an exciting time for Year 9 students at Q3 Academy Langley as they engage with their Key Stage 4 Pathway leading into Year 10 and 11. Students have been given additional information about their pathways during tutor time, with parents and carers invited to attend the Key Stage 4 Pathways Event.

All students have a one-on-one meeting, using Key Stage 3 data and subject leader feedback to ensure they are on a pathway that will allow them to achieve the best possible outcomes, will be challenging and engaging, as well as building on their personal interests and aspirations. Personalised pathway meeting will take place with each student to discuss the subjects available and will be given a letter with their identified pathway.

All students will study the following GCSE subjects:

  • English Language
  • English Literature
  • Maths
  • Science
  • History or Geography

Students will then be able to choose a range of other options, as outlined in their Q3 Pathway Booklet.

You may be aware that GCSEs have been reformed in recent years, with a 9-1 grading system replacing the old A*-G grading system. Below is a table showing a general comparison between the two systems:

New Reformed GCSE Grade Legacy GCSE Grade
9 A**
8 A*
7 A
6 B+
5 (New Good Pass) C+ to B
4 C
3 D
2 E
1 F-G


Also students will have the option to study vocational qualifications including BTECs. These qualifications are graded from Distinction* to a Pass at Level 1 and 2 and have GCSE equivalence:

BTEC Grade Reformed GCSE Grade Equivalent
Level 2 Distinction* 8.5
Level 2 Distinction 7
Level 2 Merit 5.5
Level 2 Pass 4
Level 1 Distinction 3
Level 1 Merit 2
Level 1 Pass 1.25


Vocational qualifications are more practical than GCSEs and are work-related in their design. Assessment is mostly coursework based with a smaller weighting to an external exam.

Details of all qualifications are provided in this booklet, including an overview of topics studied, details of assessment and links to the exam board.

If you have any queries, please contact me and I’ll be happy to help, or alternatively, please refer to the Pathways Information and Course Overviews Booklet.

Yours faithfully,

Mr. Mills

Vice Principal


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