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Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum

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Our Curriculum

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Year 10

Year 11

The curriculum at Q3 Langley is distinctly different to most other secondary schools both locally and nationally. It is uniquely challenging, coherent and ensures students follow a broad range of subjects. We prioritise the English Baccalaureate subjects – English, Mathematics, Science, Languages and the Humanities – as our Core. Our aim is for 90% + of our students to sit these as examination subjects in Year 11. We also, however, realise that the non-EBacc subjects are vitally important in developing students.  We understand that curriculum provision in schools has to be rich and varied; pupils must get the chance to express themselves in a number of ways.  This is why we deliver other subject disciplines via our unique Horizon, Innov8 and Cloud 9 curriculum models.

Religious Education is delivered via Horizon and Innov8 modules in Years 7 and 8 respectively.  In Year 9, Religious Education is taught in Cloud 9 in two of the four cycles. Students have the opportunity in Year 10 and Year 11 to take Religious Education as a GCSE option.  The Religious Education curriculum delivered at Q3 Langley adheres to the guidance issued by Sandwell Education Authority in conjunction with the Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education (SACRE).

Smooth transition from primary school to secondary school is a key Langley priority.  Student well-being in terms of happiness and feeling safe is something that the staff at Langley work hard to get right. We operate on just three teaching periods a day – of roughly 100 minutes. This means that students in Year 7 and Year 8 receive approximately 200 minutes of the Core subjects and 300 minutes in Horizon or Innov8 weekly.  In Year 9 students receive 200 minutes of the Core subjects and 100 minutes of each of the five Cloud 9 subjects.  In Year 10 and Year 11 students receive 200 minutes of Core subjects.  The remaining teaching time is divided between Pathway subjects. Students get to know staff well and, unlike traditional secondary curriculum models, they will find that the number of staff teaching them is relatively small, enabling strong, purposeful and caring relationships to be built within a short space of time.

Lessons are planned by Learning Consultants following our Planning Cycle ensuring no time is wasted and students are stretched in the variety of subjects on offer. There is consistency for students and staff alike meaning rapid progress can be made each day.  In addition, we operate in mixed-attainment classes in the Core and Horizon/Innov8/Cloud 9 subjects. An aspiration that all students can reach their potential with no glass ceiling characterises life at Q3 Langley.

Our Ethos, or eWeek/Intensive Week, is held once a year – the week before the end of February half-term. Here we collapse the timetable for one complete week, spending greater time exploring PSHE and Sex Education issues, as well as team-building and personal well-being.


Cloud 9




Non-Core Subjects

These documents are currently being updated for 2021-2022. We hope to publish them soon.


Non-Core Subjects

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