Seek for that which is good, that which is right, that which is true

Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum

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Our Curriculum

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

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Q3 Academy Langley Curriculum Intent

Q3 Academy Langley offers a broad and balanced curriculum underpinned by a Christian ethos, to ensure students can ‘live life to the full and seek for that which is good, that which is right and that which is true.’

Our Core Principles:

  • The Curriculum serves the needs of the diverse, multi-cultural local community;
  • Ensures all students have an ambitious, challenging and knowledge-rich curriculum so students learn more, know more and do more;
  • The EBacc subjects are at the heart of the curriculum with the aim for 90% of students supported in studying the full range of EBacc subjects in KS4;
  • Offer a wide range of non-Ebacc subjects and enrichment opportunities to ensure students develop a broad range of skills, knowledge and cultural capital;
  • The PSHE and RSE curriculum promote fundamental British Values and support students in living healthy, happy lives;
  • Ensure that all students have full access to the curriculum to ensure no child is left behind including those with SEND;
  • Have clearly defined curriculum end points to assess student progress;
  • Prioritise opportunities to develop literacy and numeracy across the curriculum;
  • Supports young people to become responsible citizens who make a positive contribution to society;
  • Develops Character and moral virtue.

Key Stage 3

  • All students study English, maths, science, geography, history, computing, design technology, MFL, art, drama, religious studies, physical education and music;
  • Each year, students have a collapsed timetable week called Ethos Week: external providers support with the delivery of PSHE and RSE, as well as the delivery of a wide range of enriching activities being offered;
  • Year 7 and 8 students have timetabled Enrichment sessions each week to develop Cultural Capital and broaden their experiences, reflecting the context of the local area;
  • In Year 9, students study Citizenship and have the option of completing GCSE Citizenship in the summer term;
  • Tutor Time and Family Breakfast and Lunch develops literacy, numeracy, character, PSHE and RSE.

Key Stage 4

  • Around 90% of students follow the full range of EBacc subjects;
  • All students then have a wide range of academic and vocational subjects to choose from;
  • Tutor time and Family Lunch are used to deliver religious studies, PSHE and RSE;
  • Individual careers guidance is delivered by external providers throughout the year with the Academy being a Gatsby Hub School (West Midlands).

Extra- Curriculum

  • All students have the opportunity to take part in a wide range of sports, drama and music extra-curriculum events including peripetic lessons and drama productions including touring companies. We are in receipt of the Music Mark award for the third successive year as evidence of our commitment in this area.
  • STEM Challenge, talent shows, poetry competitions, Gold School Sports Award;
  • Leadership development through the RAF Cadet unit, JASS and Duke of Edinburgh awards;
  • The library is available for students to work in every day to support reading and independent study.


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Non-Core Subjects


Non-Core Subjects

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