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Latest update on Q3 Langley

Whilst the build phase of Q3 Academy Langley has developed over the last few months we certainly haven’t stood still in terms of our curriculum! Our weekly meetings have continued and we have focused on such topics as our lesson planning structure, weekly routines, literacy focus and what our Wednesday afternoon enrichment and PE offer will look like. We have managed to make several appointments – both externally and from within the Q3 Great Barr academy and are delighted that in terms of recruitment of Learning Consultants we are virtually fully staffed. In addition some senior appointments to Q3 Academy Great Barr have also led to added capacity across both sites.

Our curriculum model has been shared with the local authority and some schools both locally and nationally. Indeed we featured on Central News as part of a feature looking at life for a newly qualified teacher joining the profession.

Following feedback from our open days and evenings and our increase in PAN we will be adding a new University house to our list of four. This will be chosen by students at Q3 Academy Great Barr. We will announce the winning designs in Spring 2016. If you would like more information on the new Academy please email

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