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Langley Update – Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below information and frequently asked questions in the run up to the opening of Q3 Academy Langley.

Will I be able to use Parent Pay?
Unfortunately we have not been able to set up Parent Pay for use this week.
Please pay cash for school meals this week. The cost is £2.30 per day (£11.50 for this week). Please pay in full at the start of the week.

My child doesn’t have a Q3 bag, how can they get one?
Any students who have not received a Q3 bag can collect one on Tuesday 6th September from Q3 Academy Langley.

My child doesn’t have a Q3 Pin Badge, how can they get one?
Pin Badges will be issued during Tutor on Tuesday 6th September.

What sort of reading book does my child need?
Any age-appropriate book from home. Books are also available from Q3 Academy.

What is an R&R Pen?
An R&R pen is just a pen with purple ink – a purple biro is suitable.


Further information

  • Every Wednesday, students should attend the Academy wearing full PE kit.
  • Students will be issued their Learning Diary and Place Mat on Tuesday 6th September.
  • Jumpers are optional but recommended as the weather starts to become colder,
  • If you have any issues with Business Dress (uniform) please contact Mrs May – Tel: 0121 358 6186 ext 1469 Email:

Please Note: Parking is very limited both onsite and on the road surrounding Q3 Academy Langley. We encourage students to walk to school .


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