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Frequently Asked Questions

We thank parents/carers for their feedback during the last parents’ consultation evening and would like to clarify some areas that were highlighted.

We need to remind parents of the 4pm finish on a Wednesday. 

This was communicated during every Primary School assembly, the Open Evening in October 2015 as well as our New Intake Evening 1 and 2 in March and July respectively. In addition the timetable has been available on the Q3 Langley website.

Social Design do not go first into the building at the start and end of the day. Why is this?

This is indeed correct – however they do go first at Playtime back into the building and also at Lunch time. Logistically it is difficult to get these students past the other Companies.

Can we have advance notice if students are kept behind?

Students can be kept behind for up to one hour according to DfE regulations. We inform parents if this is to be longer than 15 minutes. Staff are always available at the end of the Academy day to answer any queries. In addition if this is an issue with other childcare arrangements then we are happy for your child to wait in the warm in reception.

Can we keep the 8am start?

The majority of parents prefer the 8am start. At this stage we will keep this start time. We are considering a 3pm finish instead of 4pm on a Wednesday for the next academic year and will update parents in the new year.

When will the after-school clubs start?

This is an area that we need to improve on. We have started the Independent Learning (homework) club this week. I have been in constant contact with the University of Wolverhampton’s PE department but as of yet have been unable to source undergraduate coaches. It is our aim to have clubs in the new year. However what we would say is all students have taken part in four hours of either enrichment and PE every week this academic year. The range of activities is as follows:-  Football, Netball, Rugby, Golf, Table Tennis, Athletics, World Music, Youth Theatre, Entrepreneur, Women’s Aid awareness, and Swimming.

Can you clarify the position on coats?

Our policy states dark coloured coats – black or navy blue. We are aware of parents/carers who have purchased dark green coloured and are happy that they meet the ‘dark-coloured’ aspect of the policy and not want parents to be out of pocket in having to purchase a black or navy coloured one.

15th November 2016

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