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Enrichment and PE

Enrichment and Physical Education (PE)

At Q3 Langley, students will follow a rich and diverse programme of sport and enrichment activities. Students in Years 7 and 8 will experience PE and enrichment from 12-3pm every Wednesday.

Physical Education lessons will be taught by qualified PE specialists, with each pupil learning and participating in 3 or 4 sports.

Sports covered in P.E lessons

1) Invasion Games – Football, Rugby, Netball and Handball

2) Dance and Gymnastics

3) Net/Wall Games – Volleyball and Badminton

4) Striking and Fielding- Cricket and Rounders

5) Track and Field – Athletics


During Enrichment hours, we have collaborated with a variety of different companies and agencies to further enhance Q3 Langley student experiences. These offer diverse and varied opportunities to develop our students’ pursuit of Excellence.

Y7 Programme

Y8 Programme

Companies we are working within the enrichment programme include

Birmingham Rep 

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