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As a Q3 Academy, what differentiates us is our ethos to “seek for that which is good, right and true”. Here at Q3 Langley that ethos courses through the veins of everything we do. We think that it is only good and right, being located in a demographic area characterised by disadvantage, that we seek to level the playing field, and that starts with raising aspirations and galvanizing dreams about future possibilities unrestricted by socio-economic factors.

Here at Q3 Langley we want our children and young people to be inspired, irrespective of present circumstances that might undermine life chances, and to aspire towards the fulfilment of their potential. That is why our re-branded Careers and Employability Program ‘Aspire’ will seek to inspire all of our students to reach their true potential.

We are committed to social mobility and that starts with a programme, which responds not only to government directives for schools and colleges as pertains to employability, but also the needs of our school community within our local demographic here in Langley.

Therefore, we aim to offer a programme, which provides opportunity, experience and exposure to a world of possibilities to all of our students right from Year 7.

As a Gatsby Hub school, our endeavour is that through a robust programme of delivery, responding to a strategic vision that seeks to enhance life chances of all our students, that our efforts will make a tangible difference not just to the present generation, but also for future generations to come within this local community.

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Sharmaine Perrin

Lead Professional Business

Q3 Academy Langley | Moat Road | Oldbury | B68 8ED

☏ 0121 516 7070

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